The characterization of 47 GHz and 79 GHz rigs as ‘SDR based’, means only that the SDR is the IF radio for the 10 GHz or the 24 GHz transverters.  These microwave transverters are the IF choices for the 47 and 79 GHz transceivers.  In other words, the 47 and 79 GHz stations involve multiple conversions via either the 10 or 24 GHz transverters to the SDR baseband.  The choice of a 10 GHz or 24 GHz IF makes it relatively simple to implement basic mixer based, entry level, upper microwave stations without expensive and difficult to implement filters for those frequencies.  The 10 GHz IF uses the simple 5 GHz Dual Transceiver approach described here: 10 GHz Transceivers using the Dual Transceiver SDR Option The 24 GHz IF is referred to here: 24 GHz Multi-mode Transceiver Project

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