To use GRC effectively to develop signal processing applications, it is important to study and understand Digital Signal Processing (DSP) theory and practice.  DSP theory has been ‘baked’ for more than a generation.  What is ‘new’ is the intuitive teaching approach for DSP theory and the ‘hands on’, learning potential of graphically rendered DSP software applications, such as GNU Radio.  The result is that understanding and developing DSP applications is much easier than in the past.  This approachable educational material can be viewed as: “Ham Friendly DSP”.

The study materials that I have found useful can be divided into three categories: on-line tutorials built closely integrated with GNU Radio,  the modern intuitive approach to general topics of DSP (texts that target beginners and hobbyists), and the more rigorous mathematics heavy texts intended for advanced study.  Each resource has it’s place and can provide useful and satisfying information.  No single resource addresses all of my learning needs.  It is useful to have a small collection of resources to draw upon as needed.  All of the texts are available for purchase as used books via the Internet at hobbyist pricing.

On-line GRC tutorials integrated with GRC as an educational tool:

Intuitive style, qualitative approach texts:

Understanding Digital Signal Processing, Richard Lyons, ISBN: 0-201-63467-8, multiple editions over the last 20 years.  A most excellent and comprehensive text that mixes the quantitative, and the qualitative, teaching approaches.

Digital Signal Processing 101, Michael Parker, ISBN: 978-1-85617-921-8, 2010 edition.  Very intuitive in approach.  Targets the non-engineer audience who want to get to the substance of DSP quickly.

Digital Signal Processing Demystified, James Broesch, ISBN: 1-878707-16-7, 1997 edition.  Similar to Lyons but more concise.

Digital Signal Processing Instant Access: James Broesch, ISBN: 978-0-7506-8976-2, 2009 edition.  An expansion of the 1997 edition.  One of my favorites for quick topical refresh.

The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing: Steven W. Smith, ISBN: 0-9660176-3-3, 1997 edition and subsequent editions.  Often referenced.  Broad in its approach to the wide range of DSP applications beyond communications applications.

Analytic style, quantitative approach on-line material: Charan Langton – extensive on-line text series devoted to communications theory and the DSP implementations.  Heavily analytical but she makes an effort to realize the mathematics understandable on an intuitive level.  Takes a bit of patience and re-reading to get the most from this particular resource.

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