This flow graph is the DSP for a minimal single frequency FM Simplex Transceiver.  The intended use of this DSP is the FM Simplex IF for higher frequency microwave rigs.  Microwave rigs use VHF/UHF/microwave transceivers as the IF after the first microwave conversion stage.  An FM DSP is useful where signals are strong and rapid signal acquisition is important, say a microwave contest or just rag chewing with a local.  For more demanding communication needs, a SSB and CW companion DSP is presented in the menu as a Single Band VHF/UHF multi-mode IF SDR: Multi-mode Single Frequency IF Transceiver

This rig is easily reprogrammed to function as any IF within the frequency range of the SDR to an IF needed for a particular microwave application.  This DSP is configured as a 144.1 MHz transceiver IF. Some of the labeling reflects this specific frequency translation to 24 GHz.  The  IF frequency and labeling is easily changed by the user for the intended application.

Single Frequency FM Transceiver flow graph for a 24 GHz rig that uses a 144.1 MHz IF
Single Frequency FM Transceiver Operating GUI for a 24 GHz rig using a 144.1 MHz IF

The .grc file for this DSP is available here: Single Frequency FM Transceiver

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