The Universal Microwave SSB/CW IF SDR Transceiver is a modified version of the Universal Multi-Mode SDR Transceiver (Universal Multi-Mode SDR Transceiver), crafted to serve as a single band IF radio for microwave transverters.  This particular project example is configured to function as the SSB/CW 144.1 MHz IF for a DB6NT transverter for a 24 GHz rig.  The configuration changes are primarily reflected in the adjustable transmit drive level, and the readouts from the FFT Panadapter and GUI frequency counter to reflect the translated frequencies in the 24 GHz band.  The Universal Microwave IF SDR Transceiver can be reconfigured to function in the same way for any transverter using any VHF, UHF, or Microwave IF frequency.  The IF transverter is easily reconfigured as a single band IF transceiver for popular IF frequencies such as 144.1, 432.1, and 1296.1 MHz, or any IF frequency within the RF range of the SDR and a frequency that suits the IF requirements of the transverter.  A flexible choice of IF eases transverter construction to allow use of readily available hardware that doesn’t necessarily accommodate to the popular IF frequencies.  An example if a 10 GHz transverter project (10 GHz Transceivers using the Dual Transceiver SDR Option) utilizes a 1.3 GHz IF, different from the popular 1296.1 MHz ham IF frequency.

The flow graph is almost identical to the Universal Multi-Mode SDR Transceiver with the exception that the rig is configured as a mono-band transceiver.  The flow graph depiction is divided into three sections: the Control section, the Receiver section, and the Transmitter section.

Universal IF SDR Transceiver – Control Section Flowgraph

The receiver section of the flowgraph has the option of using the WX GUI FFT Sink panadapter, by default, or using the WX GUI Waterfall Sink display.  The user can select the preferred display by right clicking on the WX GUI display and selecting “Disable” or “Enable” for that display to appear in the Operating GUI.  The waterfall display is useful for locating weak signals.

Universal IF SDR Transceiver – Receiver Section Flowgraph
Universal IF SDR Transceiver – Transmitter Section Flowgraph

When the flowgraph is executed, the Operating GUI appears.  Note that the Frequency Select value in this example is the 24 GHz calling frequency 24.191 GHz.  The Receive Frequency readout below the panadapter display is the IF frequency of 144.1 MHz.

Universal IF SDR Transceiver Operating GUI

The .grc file for this project can be downloaded from here: Universal IF Transceiver.grc

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