This Single Band Multi-mode (SSB/CW) transceiver DSP complements the Single Frequency FM transceiver in it’s application as an IF for higher frequency microwave rigs: Single Band VHF FM IF Simplex Transceiver    For some operating situations an FM DSP is preferred and in other situations SSB/CW is the preferred mode of operation.  It is useful and easy for an SDR system to quickly and easily choose between modes.  As a practical matter, it is more simple for the operator to open an FM DSP file or an SSB/CW DSP file on the host computer rather than construct a complex DSP GRC flow graph that allows the user to select the desired mode from the operating GUI.  This Multi-mode DSP features SSB/CW capability to the IF transceiver.  This particular example, as with the FM DSP example, are tailored to my 24 GHz rover station.

CONTROL SECTION of Multi-mode Single Frequency IF Transceiver
SSB RECEIVER SECTION of Multi-mode Single Frequency IF Transceiver
SSB TRANSMITTER SECTION of the Multi-mode Single Frequency IF Transceiver
Multi-mode Single Frequency Transceiver IF Operating GUI with a 24.191 GHz signal centered in the FFT GUI

The .grc file for this transceiver is available here: Multi-mode IF Transceiver.grc

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